Joseph ALLAN & Company working with ViridisCUBE

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camera01-04 Joseph Sistler announces the launch of Design work with ViridisCUBE. ViridisCUBE designs and promotes the re-use, re-purpose of shipping containers for residential and commercial projects. Joseph Sistler and Patrick Reed partner at JAC met with principals of VDL  Partners in London UK to discuss terms of a joint venture hotel design planned in Orlando Florida.

Together, Joseph ALLAN & Company, ViridisCUBE and VDL Partners would create a “Tech Savoy” Motel within the Creative Village redevelopment corridor in downtown Orlando.Current a camera03-03
greements have ViridisCUBE developing residential infill housing projects in the center city area of Orlando. Design and Construction documents are completed for the 1st of 3 planned duplex residential projects.

City of Orlando permits are pending approval.



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