Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

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Now that it is January 2018, it is a little more than 3 months since devastating hurricanes IRMA and Maria ventured into the Caribbean and Florida.

This blog is dedicated to the ones that most have already forgotten. The people living in these Caribbean Islands that for the most part have lost everything; their homes, jobs, and some have lost their lives, or loved ones.

Joseph ALLAN & Company is proud to be helping in the re-build process on the island of St Maarten. My good friends and partners Josh Gold and Mike Dolente, the Managing partners and owners of several resorts in St. Maarten have undertaken a monumental task in rebuilding these resorts, primarily to bring those good employees (I call them friends) back to work–they are like family–but to make St. Maarten a thriving holiday destination once again.

With that I will close…..and offer two pictures with this post, a picture of my good friend and his workers…helping us to rebuild the reception Building at Oyster Bay Beach Resort, Simon. Thanks Simon…..we all very much appreciate you, your brother Skeith and your many dedicated associates that we have grown to know and trust over the years. Stay well my friends.

Joe Sistler




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